Nick Rheinberger + Dave Blanken and Steve Bardwell

8pm. $15/$12.


On Saturday the 17th November, Nick is headlining at The Front, and he's invited ex-Born Blueser Dave Blanken to join him for a jam. And Steve Bardwell from "The Pickled Herrings" will be along to do a bluesy "Dead Budgie" for the first time in Canberra in more than a decade. It's a real homecoming for Nick, so come along early!


Nick Rheinberger has a long history with the performing arts in Canberra. He was a member of "The Pickled Herrings", who busked their way from Garema Place to the finals of "Red Faces", and then traveled around Australia with their unique blend of barbershop grunge comedy. The Herrings soon became "Three Men in a Tub", who put on two zany seasons for kids at Albert Hall. Meanwhile, Nick was also singing around Canberra with "The Born Bluesers", as well as writing comedy sketches and songs for FM104.7.

Nick has since gone on to a career as a comedy writer for radio right around Australia, and for tv shows such as "BackBerner", "Good News Week" and "Life Support". He's also an ABC radio presenter, having been at ABC Illawarra for eight years, with several stints at 666 Canberra and as the host of Good Friday live from the National Folk Festival.

In January 2013, Nick will be travelling to Kolkata, India, to study with Debashish Bhattacharya, the man many consider to be the world's greatest slide player. Nick also hopes to be bringing back his own 24-string Hindustani guitar!